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A location based cycling app that connects users
to the best parking destinations.

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Unforgettable cycling moments.

Citybiker is a cycling app that caters to the needs of everyday cyclists, equipping them with everything they need to make cycling safe, fun and efficient. Citybiker is made with cyclists in mind, mapping out the best cycle-friendly routes and highlighting all of the official bike parking spaces in close proximity to the user’s destination.

  • Plan your daily commutes.
  • Search for niche parking space.
  • Work out the journey time and distance.
  • Instantaneously insure your bike.
  • Share your bike journey Anonymously.
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Planning your cycle routes

Users have the ability to pre-plan their cycle route to any required destination.

Searching parking spaces

A feature that enables users to locate nearby cycle parking spots or search for parking spots ahead of reaching their required destination.

Journey time and distance

Users can calculate the distance and time of their journey before making it.

Instant Micro insurance

The opportunity for users to purchase cheap micro-insurance whilst out and about to cover potential bicycle theft.

Daily rants

A platform for cyclists to share their daily cycling experiences.

Cycling Events

The chance for avid cyclists to keep up to date with the latest cycling related events that they may be interested in attending.

  • Enoch founded the Citybiker team after his bike got stolen outside a police station. He is the Head Strategist and leads a team in building a platform where cyclists can find solutions to the everyday problems cyclists may face. As Head Strategist he oversees all the decision-making at Citybiker and produces innovative ideas in the development of Citybiker.

    Enoch Adolfo Founder and Head Strategist

  • Vlad joined Citybiker as a Co-Founder and Technical Director. He is passionate about software engineering and for the last four years he has helped numerous companies, from startups to big corporations, to build software that engages thousands of people. Vlad likes to travel and enjoys the freedom of cycling, he believes that cycling enables us to experience the world in a different way which is why he joined the Citybiker team.

    Vladimir Ionita Software Engineer

  • Aureliu joined Citybiker as an UI/UX Designer Specialist with additional responsibilities in web development. Aureliu has lots of experience in product management as well as a BA in Finance and Accounting. He is interested in UX/UI and enjoys finding new and innovative ways to improve user engagement with the app. Aureliu believes that Citybiker will become a thriving community for all cyclists.

    Aureliu Galasanu UI/UX Designer

  • Obi joined the team as Head of Social Media and analytics here at Citybiker after he graduated from UCL with a degree in Physics. He now splits his time between riding his bike and helping Citybiker grow. Obi commutes through the city everyday, but was also on the podium for the British University Track Cycling Championships for the match sprint for the last two years.

    Obi Winter Head of Social Media

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